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What Our Clients Say...

Amazing acupuncture and cupping experience. Norman is excellent; he is super friendly and genuinely cares about your wellbeing. Nice clinic and very professional. Helped me with my ongoing low back pain issues using both acupuncture and cupping treatments. Highly recommended.

Berny Y. 04/03/23

Doktor Jack mě léčil celkem dvakrát a to pomocí akupunktury a vztlakových baněk. Díky těmto procedůrám a jeho odbornosti, se má bolest v pravé lopatce mnohonásobně zlepšila a já proto tuto ordinaci vřele doporučuji. Doktor je velice přátelský a příjmený a jsem si jistá, že udělá maximum aby pacientovi pomohl.

Dr Jack treated the pain in my back in two procedures using acupuncture and cupping. Thanks to the expertise in his profession my back pain has diminished exponentially. I highly recommend visiting his office because Dr. Jack has got a very warm and friendly personality and he will do his best to make his patient feel better. 

Marketa K. 04/10/20

After having issues with my back on and off for years i booked in initially for acupuncture and then moved onto cupping which i had never tried before. WOW, the results are amazing, i have found a massive reduction in my pain and an over all improvement, I dont even need the painkillers i was taking twice daily anymore. I'm 3-4 sessions in and will continue for longer seen its working wonders. I recommend visiting this clinic.

Sophie B. 22/05/19

Injured my back on business trip to Auckland. Was able to receive immediate treatment to relieve the pain and a second appointment the next day which made it even better. Such a relief and such gentle, courteous attention. Cannot recommend highly enough.

B. Anderson 24/01/19

I recently sustained an injury to my left hip that was so incredibly painful. I had gone to see a physiotherapist for 4-5 sessions with no relief and towards the last few sessions, it seemed like the physio had given up and was not providing me with any direct treatment, only informing me about exercises to strengthen my core. After this I sought help from an osteopath hoping that I would get some direct treatment for my injury. I had about 3 sessions with an osteopath and I still had no relief. At this point after exhausting all other options I decided to see Norman at Auckland City Acupuncture. Over the course of a few weeks, Norman was able to completely treat my hip injury. I am very thankful for Norman's help and I know much he cares about his patients. Acupuncture is something that takes patience and I believe that without Norman's careful treatment I would have had no where else to turn.

Diana 20/01/19

I have seen Norman twice for cupping and acupuncture and have had great results. I had tried many other options such as Physio, osteopathy, Chiropractic and not had much success in relieving my mid/upper back pain. After both sessions my back felt great, I know I will have to have a few more sessions for long term pain relief, but it will definitely be worth it. Norman is very friendly and understanding in your own physical limits. He charges a very reasonable price for the service, I highly recommend you give him a call.

O. Shaw 15/01/19


Totally worth it!!
I had a broken bone in my leg, and after 2 months in bed my muscles become so numb..... but after few weeks of treatment in here i got a lot of movement back and a massive improvement in my leg and even with cupping my lower back is less painful!!

D. Romero 16/12/18

Norman provides a very good relaxation and healing therapy that has helped me get back into peak condition with a knee injury that he provided acupuncture for and also helping with cupping on a back injury I’ve had for a while, Appreciate your work !

M. Fukushima 14/12/18

My spine ankle and knee injury are all cured by Dr. Huang. I have been searching for Chinese and Western medicine for two years. I want to thank him for this. He has spent two months patiently and diligently working on this for me. Now I can continue to be active again as i was before. I love the outdoors and sports. Many thanks!!

F. Chen 11/2018

After rupturing a number of ligaments in my knee and having to wear a knee brace for three months physio visits were having nil effect on recovery. I sought treatment from Auckland City Acupuncture and Herb Clinic and experienced improvement from the first visit and continued treatment until I had nil residual pain from the injury. I have been seeing acupuncturists on and off for the last 20 years to treat various injuries and can recommend Norman as an outstanding acupuncturist who delivers fantastic results. I highly recommend, its hard to find acupuncturists as proficient as Norman.

W. Smith 10/2018

Could not recommend highly enough. This is the real deal.

Eleanor 05/2018


Norman has treated me twice for a very painful back, shoulders and neck. I received cupping and acupuncture. After my treatments I felt instant relief and although I was very tired the next day. Over the following days my back and shoulder continued to improve. In the past I have received massage which only temporarily relieves the pain. Cupping is the most successful treatment as it treats the inflammation of the muscles. Norman is very professional and informed me of the procedure throughout my appointment.  

I highly recommend Norman as a professional and effective Chinese Medical practitioner.

P. Walsh 05/2016

I truly appreciate that the treatment at City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic has helped me overcome my skin problem.  I had had some milder troubles before, but my skin irritation became very serious soon after I came to NZ.  It seemed like a complexed mixture of urticaria, atopic dermatitis and UV allergy, making me so miserable.

By taking my pulse and asking some questions, Jack diagnosed that it was my weakened immune system that caused such symptoms.  After taking his herb and acupuncture treatments for about one and a half months, my problems were gone!  This made me realize that such holistic approach of Chinese medication is really effective for curing chronic illnesses like mine, and that I chose the right doctor! -- Kai

「シティ・アキュパンクチュア・アンド・ハーブ・クリニック」で、皮膚疾患を治して頂いて、とても感謝しています。以前から少し肌の調子が悪かったのですが、NZに来てすぐ, 皮膚病がとてもひどくなってしまいました。蕁麻疹、アトピーとUVアレルギーが混合したような症状で、とても辛かったです。

脈診と問診の結果、黄先生は免疫系が弱っているのが原因だろうと診断されました。漢方薬と鍼による治療を一ヶ月半ほど受けると、つらかった症状はすっかり治ってしまいました!  私の場合のような慢性疾患には、体全体を見て下さる中国医学はとても効果的だという事がよく分かりました。良い先生に巡り合えて本当によかったなあと思っています。

K. Yuko 06/2015

Jack and Norman treated me in June, July and August 2014, for an issue I was having with my shoulder and elbow, symptoms being similar to those of golfer's elbow and mobility restriction in my shoulder.  A side effect of motherhood! 
Acupuncture was recommended to me, so, despite my phobia of needles, I thought it was worth a try. I am pleased I did. 12 sessions later, I would say the issues have resolved.
Over the course of my treatment Jack and Norman used acupuncture (including attaching what looked like mini jumper leads to the needles to to intensify the treatment with an electric current), acupressure (with special massage tools) cupping (suction cups) and herbal patches. 
Both Norman and Jack are friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for authentic and experienced Chinese medicine practitioners.
J. Lapthorne - 09/2014


I recently consulted Norman Huang of the City Acupuncture and Herb Clinic and can highly recommend him. I found him very caring, patient and gentle and was very confident that I would get the best quality treatment available. I am happy to recommend Norman to my family, friends and associates for any acupuncture treatment. 
C. Diggins - 09/06/14


Norman has been an immense help with my recent leg injury. As an avid trail runner I have had a few injuries over the years. Most recently I pulled a hamstring which I decided to treat with acupuncture in compliment with physiotherapy. I felt immediate relief and noticeable improvements following the early acupuncture sessions and a better overall recovery. Norman provides a thorough and wholistic treatment approach. I highly recommend Norman Huang at the City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic.
J. Weight - 02/06/14


I have recently completed a course of five treatments of acupuncture with City Acupuncture, under the care of Mr Norman Huang.
I found Mr Huang to be completely professional and right from my first consultation he took time to listen to my health issues in order to make an accurate diagnosis.
Also during the weeks of my acupuncture he would consult with me on my health progress before beginning the next treatment. I also felt listened to and understood as Mr Huang undertook my treatment, never felt rushed and always made to feel at ease during my treatment.
I feel that City Acupuncture has been of great help in the recovery of my health issue and I would strongly recommend them to anyone wishing to have acupuncture treatment.
M. Sturt  - 07/01/14

Norman has provided treatments for me over the past four months.
During this time he has been a total professional and has demonstrated how committed he is to resolving my ailments.
I have every confidence you will find Norman considerate, discreet and supportive.
I strongly recommend Norman as a positive and caring practitioner who has a deep knowledge of Acupuncture and medical conditions in general.
F. Gumbley - 31/10/13


Hello, I am Arnaud (French). My left calf and my tendon were painful and after 2 appointements my pain has disappeared ! Very profesionnal and patient-focused person. If you have any pains, Norman will look after you ! Highly recommended!
A. ETCHEVERRY  11/06/13


I am an in home supporter who gives help to family with special needs. I was an easy stressed-out person experiencing a discharge problem which was still heavy and clotted a lot. It made my days a lot harder as I constantly had to keep changing my pad which was getting heavy on the wallet and a time consumer to clean up the mass. I had visited my family doctor once, who only offered me instructions to monitor the signs and symptoms and drink plenty of water. After that, I was even tired than usual which took a toll not only at work as I’d often sleep in or miss my shift, but at home as well. It didn’t take long for Jack to realize something was wrong after asking a few related questions then making a diagnosis in terms of TCM theories. After taking the herbal remedy designed specifically for my conditions and followed the lifestyle advices he had given me, I can surely say now with a 100% confidence that if it wasn’t for Mr. Huang’s mixed herbs, I’d still be having a lot of problems because after a few days my discharge problem was gone, my body felt better and my attitude changed so much that I thank Jack for treating my conditions well holistically .  
Sina, T (support worker) 27/05/13

Has been feeling ache in my lower back for a year or two and never tried to be treated by acupuncture before. The ache gets aggrevated severely especially after playing sports. Through recommendation of a friend, I went to City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic. Norman is so patient and the service I've received outstanding. He adapted various methods to help ease the pain and told me as well some useful lifestyle advices to maintain it. Shortly after a few sessions, I feel the pain has completely disappeared away. What an impressive outcome and strongly recommended.
M. Liu 26/05/13


Norman was awesome! My neck goes out reasonably regularly with muscular cramping that is painful and reduces mobility for days/weeks at a time. I was suffering quite badly and after one session of massage treatment and some acupuncture from Norman I felt much better. I would have needed a number of physio sessions to get the same result. I'll be going back for sure!
A. Wardle 22/05/13

My name is Tai Vaine-Moeroa. I am a Cook Islander from a small island called Atiu. I had neck and back pain problems for over 20 years. I have tried physio, chiropractic treatments but not much changes. But when I came to City Acupuncture and Herb Clinic under the care of Jack and Norman, I can feel huge difference and loosening of all affected areas. I had 20 treatments totally from them incorporating the modalities of acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, cupping, electro-needling and herbal plasters to be put on affected areas. So come on in to see Jack and Norman they will look after you. MEI TAKI RANUINUI Thank you
T. Vanie-Moeroa 17/5/13

Outstanding professional, competent, patient-focused service. I was given a range of acupuncture treatments and, as a result, an injury that had constrained my activities was virtually healed within just a fortnight. I was particularly impressed with the holistic approach taken by the acupuncturist. Attention was not confined to just my presenting injury, but the whole range of lifestyle and medical factors that might be contributing to my discomfort and/or adversely affecting my health.On another note, there were a lot of good conversations and laughs to be had at the clinic. The staff are very affable and friendly. Highly recommended.
T. Harvey 13/04/2013

It’s my first time to acupuncture. Before I came here, I was quite scared about it. But Norman is so gentle and kind therefore my anxiety disappeared. And not so much painful needle. If you are considering coming or not, just give it a try and Norman will treat you well.
S. Kazutoshi 18/03/2013

Went to seek treatment for my tennis elbow condition. The acupuncturists told me they could treat it within a specified time frame. The treatment was effective and within the accurate timeframe. Since then, I have no problem with my tennis elbow. The acupuncturists were very gentle and sensitive to the patient's level of comfort. They were also very personable and professional, I enjoyed my association with them.
P. Brebner 25/02/2013

Fantastic service and value. I tried acupuncture for the first time through City Acupuncture & Herb, because physiotherapy wasn't helping my pain. Norman did a great job of putting me at ease, and made it a relaxing, enjoyable experience. After two treatments my pain disappeared. Highly recommended.
E. Boyd 21/02/2013


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