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Except provide our best treatment, we also offer personal life advice. Taking good care of your body will ensure a longer, happier ride. The following tips integrate your body, mind, and spirit, which are all required to maintain a healthy, happy body. A healthy diet and nutrition. Get adequate rest Stay focused in the present moment. (Feeling of regret or worry about a past event, or worry and anxiety about upcoming future event are not only waste time, They also add stress to the body which makes you more susceptible to disease.) Regular exercise. Mental exercise and stimulation. Meditate. (not only is meditation simple and fun, it also has been known To reduce your heart rate, reduce your


除了治病之外, 我們也提供如何保健與預防疾病的咨詢服務, 畢竟, 天候變化, 生活起居, 飲食習慣, 情緒壓力---等, 在在影響人體的健康, 惟有身心靈健全, 才能享有一個健康快樂的人生, 以下是一般的保健方針. 1健康的飲食與營養. 2 足夠的休息. 3 活在當下 (為過去的事而感到後悔和困擾, 或為不可預知的未來而擔心與焦慮, 不只浪費時間, 而且也易使身體因壓力增加而致病.) 4 規律化的運動. 5 腦力激盪訓練 (刺激頭腦可預防老人癡呆及增強記憶力). 6 沉思 (不只簡單有趣, 研究發現亦可使心跳速度減慢, 減輕壓力, 心平氣和, 愉悅心靈). 7 多與親友互動聯繫, 可分憂解勞, 相互扶持. 8 笑口常開.(最近研究指出-歡笑可使人健康,同時也有助疾病康復). 9 抱持正面的人生觀. 10 管控情緒,勿加壓抑.

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